I was reading the article and it stopped. I wanted it to keep going. I felt like the author was reading what was inside me. Advertisements


Oh how I can relate, I’ve been liking your blogs, keep them coming!!


Thanks, Kyle, for the reminder to hug more often!


Love the honesty! It’s painful to lose any part of friendship, even to good things, like marriage. The pain can be reminiscent of a breakup even. Feel like the pain can give us new eyes into other’s pain, and we can reach out with a more understanding.


Thank you so much for sharing. I always enjoy reading what you have to say.


Amazing!!! This is truth and wisdom wrapped together!


Thank you for your wisdom and insight. I once again find conviction in my heart because of your powerful words.


Yours is one of the few voices I agree with- so much wisdom and maturity. I’m so proud of you for holding on to the heart of God, even if it’s to your own hurt or hardship. Surely, the Lord will repay your faithfulness to Him and kindness toward humanity.


Thank you for being brave and honest. Thanks for venturing out to help us all be more transparent about our sin and struggle and reminding us of our constant need for Christ alone.