Three Amigos

Last week, I shared about the day that I lost my innocence with my best friend at the time. From that point on, I longed for healthy friendship with men. But achieving this wasn’t easy for me because of the years and years of walls that I had built up around my heart for protection. … More Three Amigos

Marriage Envy

This weekend, I mixed sound at a wedding ceremony. This wedding story though wasn’t what you would expect since the bride is in her 60s. It’s awesome to see someone remain faithful for so many years before the promise of her groom came into her life. This is a clear picture of what it will … More Marriage Envy

Don’t create a Victor Help heal one

200 years ago, French scientists spotted a creature resembling a human running through the forests. Once captured, it was determined that this was an 11-year old boy left in the wild since childhood. Physicians and psychiatrists concluded that the boy’s developmental and social capacities had retarded from being deprived of human physical touch…  Sadly, Phyllis … More Don’t create a Victor Help heal one