Face the Truth

Ask any person that considers themselves gay, bi, lesbian, or transgendered what their view on the church is and I can almost guarantee you that the response is a negative one. Let’s face it! We haven’t done a great job of communicating truth with grace concerning the topic of homosexuality. This needs to change! But … More Face the Truth

I Must Die

Are you ever faced with something that you know you shouldn’t do? Yet deep down if you’re honest with yourself, you really want to do it? My guess is that you can relate. This battle inside is real, even for Christians. Sometimes we’d like to think that Christianity makes everything easy, full of puppy dogs … More I Must Die

Gay Christianity

Ray Boltz, Matthew Vine, Anthony Williams, Lance Bass, Jennifer Knapp, Justin Lee, Vicky Beeching, Trey Pearson, and Dan Haseltine(from Jars of Clay) are just to name a few who have made an impact to promote something now called Gay Christianity. More and more it seems that we are hearing of christians coming out publicly. And … More Gay Christianity