Gay Christianity

Ray Boltz, Matthew Vine, Anthony Williams, Lance Bass, Jennifer Knapp, Justin Lee, Vicky Beeching, Trey Pearson, and Dan Haseltine(from Jars of Clay) are just to name a few who have made an impact to promote something now called Gay Christianity. More and more it seems that we are hearing of christians coming out publicly. And … More Gay Christianity

Identity Reversal

Culture defines identity by activity. Because you work in the business world, you’re a businessman. What you do is who you are. The same applies in the area of sexuality. You are a homosexual because you experience and act on homosexual attractions. “I experience, therefore I am.” All of life is interpreted through what we … More Identity Reversal

Why “BEING BORN GAY” doesn’t matter as a Christian

Many today argue back and forth on whether someone can be born gay or not. Scientifically, this hasn’t been proven conclusively. To our culture, this is a really important point. Why? Because doing so reenforces one’s right to be as they are, love who they want, and then demands acceptance from all. I have a … More Why “BEING BORN GAY” doesn’t matter as a Christian