3 Ways to Grow Your Creativity

I’ve found that one of the worst things in life is feeling uninspired, unmotivated, and unproductive as a creative person. Hitting a creative block always leaves me feeling discouraged and defeated, sometimes even depressed. Why? Because I know that I’ve been created to create. Not living up to our original purpose produces a weight that we need to throw off. Otherwise, we always downplay our potential, coming short of the greatness that we could live in. But for myself and for you, let’s shine and walk in our fullness. Here I’ll share just a few simple ways that have helped me to return to the creative flow when things feel dry.


#1 Get Around Creative People – We all need others around us to help us when we struggle. This applies even to creativity. I’ve found that being around others while they function in their gifting helps to spark my own flame of creativity.

Earlier this month, I went to India which is a 10 and a half hour time difference for me…can we say JETLAG? After spending a little over a week there, it was time for me to return home. By the 18th hour of being stuck on an airplane, I was more than ready to arrive. But I unfortunately still had a few more hours to go! It’s always been hard for me to sleep on planes so I felt awful by this time. I was tired, hungry, in pain of sitting for so long, and just feeling dull inside. I figured that I might as well try to watch yet another movie since I had time. As I scrolled through the options, nothing at all peaked my interest. Discouraged, I thought to try the TV listings. Yet again, I couldn’t find anything…until I saw this name: Hans Zimmer. There was a live concert to watch so I put my headphones on looking forward to hearing some of his greatest music. As I watched him play so many different instruments with the orchestra passionately, something began to shift inside of me. Hearing all the familiar melodies from various soundtracks lifted my spirit. This man’s beautiful creativity through music washed over me and refreshed my soul and body! A few times I had to stop myself from singing along so I didn’t disturb other passengers. It inspired me and motivated me to want to compose and write more music. I found that his passion was igniting my own and before I knew it, the plane was landing in Washington DC.  

#2 Connect With the Creator – Remember that God is the source of our own creativity. If we are need of creativity, He has more than enough to give to us. We must do our part to connect with Him through prayer and worship. Sometimes when I’m working on projects, I get stuck. In these moments, I’ve learned to take a break and put on worship music or go to the piano to lead myself in worship. This re-centers my focus and opens my heart to receive from Him. There have been many times in the midst of getting lost in prayer or worship that a random idea/thought will come to my mind. I know that it didn’t originate from me because I wasn’t even trying to brainstorm about that thing. No, as I shifted my focus on to God, He then responded to my love. Before I even thought to ask Him for help with my project, He knew I needed it. And I know that one second of my attention that I give to love and worship Him completely overwhelms His heart. No wonder He can’t help Himself! We think sometimes that we’ve reached our limit or end, but actually, this isn’t true. There is always more to explore and do because God is endless!

#3 Go to the Word – This may sound confusing to you like it doesn’t connect, but let me explain. God is the most creative being ever to exist and He has given us His Word. That means that there is creative life within it. His Word is living and active, it has real substance. So when I want to paint or write or compose a melody, many times I’ll go to the Word. I ask God to open my senses in a fresh way to His truth and to show me how to express what is there. After doing some reading, singing, and meditation on the Word I’ve found that it’s easier to start the creative process. We all are trying to express something through what we create. I want everything that I create to have a foundation in the Word because that’s what gives my projects power to impact others around me.


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