God Removes the Past

“During Awaken the Dawn, I was in the front as we worshiped to music that praised God. We took a moment to pray as Todd White came on stage. He prayed for all STDs to be gone from everyone in the audience and everyone watching. he also prayed for all self-harm cuts, burns, and scars to be gone. As I sat there and prayed with my aunt, I felt multiple hands touch my back. I also smelled the fragrance of Jesus. When we got done praying, Todd told everyone to check their skin and body to check if you’ve been healed. I pulled up my sleeves and looked at my arms – all the self-harm scars were gone. My aunt began to weep because Jesus was here with us. To this day, I still check my skin on my stomach and legs – every scar is gone. I have some scars that I got as a kid and those are still there, but every scar that was from self-harm are gone.”         

This is just one of many powerful testimonies from the gathering we did a month ago. I wanted to share this as a testimony that God is able to remove your past. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, who has done things to you, or who you’ve done things to.


Many in Christendom, for some odd reason, treat and hold homosexuality as a higher sin than others. Any semblance of this, whether an internal attraction or outward behavior, becomes grounds to declare that someone is living in sin and rebellion. There is a big difference between rebellion and immaturity, though they might both look the same on the outside.

We seem to freak out when even thinking about how to talk to or minister to “those people.” Why do we do this? Well, it’s time that we see all people through God’s eyes because we all are like sheep who have gone astray. We all are born into sin, disobedient, and deemed children of darkness and wrath according to Paul. We all need His grace and we all can call on His name to be saved. God knows each person and desires not one to die without being reconciled to Himself. How quickly we forget how deeply His mercy reached to find us. We were not saved by our own doing. It’s only by grace through faith that we are saved. Because of this, we have much to continually be thankful for. Jesus stated that if we’ve been forgiven much, we will love much. Maybe we don’t love as much because we’ve forgotten all that we’re forgiven of(and continue to be forgiven of)? God is the one who throws our sin into the sea of forgetfulness and chooses to see us as we truly are – through the righteousness of His Son, Jesus. He calls us His sons and daughters.  This is for all, no matter who you are. If you are bisexual, transgender, lesbian or gay…God loves and wants you to come to Him. Will you let Him remove your past to give you a hope and future? He will heal all your brokenness and give you an abundant life to experience today and forever. He loves you.





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