A CONVERSATION ABOUT: What Will Bring a Homosexual to Christ?

2 years ago, a poll showed that the majority of Americans perceived these percentages of groups to be against the LGBT Community: 58% Catholic Church, 53% Mormon Church, and 51% Christian Church. If this holds true, how do we overcome this opposition in order to see more from the LGBT Community come to Christ? See what a friend of mine had to say about this…do you disagree or agree?

Friend: Homosexual sin is the fruit of something- most likely injustice or innocence robbed at a young age. This has greatly effected who they are in their sexuality. A gay man or woman isn’t going to come to the gospel by just hearing, “Repent! You’re wrong! Turn to the Lord. Don’t you read Leviticus?” They already know that Christians are calling them wrong. Mass media shows them that Christians are hate-mongers and just want them to change because we’re afraid of them. They must connect with truth and see that something was stolen, something that needs healing and life brought to it. Or do you think hearing that is just as offensive?

Me: I think without the Holy Spirit revealing the truth to them, they can’t be saved…period. Though I think the act is easier for them to see as wrong and repent of. Once you start to hit on identity, it gets more offensive. They think, why would that(who I am) need healing? We must make sure the conversation isn’t just about homosexual behavior, but about Jesus since we are made in His image.

Friend:  In Christian circles, it’s said or believed that the ultimate healing for a gay man is that he’s attracted to women. But the real healing is that he obeys, loves, and worships Jesus, understanding who he is in light of who God is. This transcends whatever sin you deal with. But on the opposite side, I want to have something better to offer those coming out of the lifestyle. I don’t want to have to say, “You’re going to continually struggle with Same-Sex Attraction and sin, but if you keep saying yes to the Lord 20 years from now, things will be better…but you’re still going to struggle.” I just feel like there needs to be a better answer.

Me:  But why? That’s what everyone else’s option is..so why is this issue any different?

Friend:  Is there a such thing as deliverance or sexual and emotional wholeness?  I have a friend that recently came out. But for years and years, she followed the Lord. She says, “I’ve been battling this for many years, trying to deny it to be true, but I can’t fight it anymore. So I’m just settling that this is who I am. There’s been no change in this area though I’ve stood the ground for so long.” So what kind of help and counsel can we give her or the person that never told anyone that they struggled with this? There’s been no one there to walk with them and fight with them…I don’t want to see someone pour their lives before the Lord for years and then suddenly an issue that they never dealt with comes to the surface and causes them to be shipwreck. Come as you are but don’t stay as you are.

Me:  Part of this equation, that’s very real, is that the Church isn’t equipped. We’ve either been silent or harshly outspoken; meanwhile, the person struggling is left on their own, alone. The Church does need to love and learn to be a ministry to and community for those individuals coming out. Much love and care is needed. 

Friend: I think there will be a firestorm against groups like that though. I think you’re right that there has to be clear voices that are in the trenches with born again people coming out of that lifestyle. There will be liberal media and hell against any ministry that sees a gay man through his healing, deliverance or whatever. Because its becoming so socially acceptable and for some reason it’s a political issue, a hot topic. So much so that if a parent notices something not right from a biblical view and takes them to a counselor, CPS can take the child from them. There will be much against them. But even as ignorant we are on all these issues, God is going to help and anoint our hands and words to be agents of change. Ones that can bring life and truth that cuts to the heart, greater than any other voice.

Only God is the one that can truly draw men’s hearts to Himself. But I definitely want to speak, live, and act in agreement with His heart to aid instead of hinder His work. All sin leads to death, no matter what it is. We all need our minds renewed and belief systems transformed. I believe that it’s The Truth and the truth alone that can set a man free!


What do you think will help bring ones from the LGBT Community to Christ? What hinders that? Do you think there needs to be a better answer than a life where struggle and suffering exist to offer?


One thought on “A CONVERSATION ABOUT: What Will Bring a Homosexual to Christ?

  1. Kyle

    Some bold stuff. I’m noticing that the fruit of the Christian church having taken a therapeutic view of homosexuality is that we cringe more now when someone puts the words “healing” and “homosexual” in the same sentence.

    Is there such a thing as healing from homosexuality? Absolutely. And I think your friend got the gist of what that looks like – not becoming heterosexual, but completely surrendering to the Lord in all areas.

    I have gotten lazy recently about praying for healing and wholeness for myself sexually, but we should regularly pray for that for ourselves and each other.

    Thank you for your faithfulness in risking to continue this conversation.

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