50 Killed..Don’t Make It 51

50 killed in Florida.

This is unimaginable to think of hate provoking someone to shoot this many in the LGBT Community. This is definitely undeserved. When a friend mentioned this to me, my heart was immediately saddened by the news. On one hand, I’m shocked to see this display of hatred manifest since our culture has seemingly become accustomed to acceptance. On the other hand, it’s not surprising because this tells of something underlying that we all must learn from.

Whether or not we would do anything so extreme to another, we all have the internal workings of depraved humanity. And I think, if not careful, we may allow our actions and words to become the proverbial bullets used to shoot others in the LGBT Community as well. It’s a very easy thing to blast a social media post to show love, support, and concern toward the LGBT Community. Easy since this takes no relational equity and can be done in a few seconds at a distance. What about those in your life, in real time? What about the side comments you have with your friends on this topic? What about the looks and silent judgements made when you see someone overly flamboyant or different than you? If not careful, we could actually be operating exactly like a sniper ourselves!

Snipers are silent and deadly. I have a concern that many of us in the Body of Christ are becoming like snipers toward the LGBT Community. We might have thoughts and good intentions, possibly even share them at times. But is it helping or damaging? I know many with genuine hearts but because of lack of experience, understanding, patience, and compassion, a world of death is forming in the wake. The way situations are handled end up inciting more shame than honor. Here are three areas that I feel may help to prevent this from happening:

  • PRAYER – Do you pray for the LGBT Community? If so, what’s the heart and nature of your prayers? If your prayers only consist of some form of trying to “pray the gay away” then you’re really missing the point. Does your heart connect with the Father’s heart over these individuals, allowing you to see them just like He does?
  • RESEARCH – Are you trying to grow in understanding or do you think things are a simple black/white issue when it comes to Same-Sex Attraction? Are you reading books on different topics that apply? Are you willing to approach this with a teachable heart?
  • FRIENDSHIP – Do you have any friends in the LGBT Community or those in your congregation that struggle with SSA? Are you asking questions and listening to really hear their stories? Do you show compassion? Are you giving time to walk with others in this journey, not with the goal to “fix someone” but to offer support? Have you ever asked, what do you need?

If you answer no to these, then you may want to stop and evaluate: Is what I’m saying/doing or not saying/doing causing death or life to those around me? The answer may surprise you into a rude awakening to see for the first time the wounded bodies that actually surround you. Let’s stop the cycle of killing together.


What was your reaction when you heard about the shooting in Florida? Where are you on the journey with prayer, research, and friendship? Have you even begun to grow in these areas or is this something you spend no time on currently? What have you learned along the way in these three areas?



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