Identity Reversal

Culture defines identity by activity. Because you work in the business world, you’re a businessman. What you do is who you are. The same applies in the area of sexuality. You are a homosexual because you experience and act on homosexual attractions. “I experience, therefore I am.” All of life is interpreted through what we experience. All the while, any sense of morality and truth are choked out by what is felt. We’ve also allowed this thought to influence the way we approach the Word. My experience, heart, affections, intentions, and thoughts all become the ruling factor when looking at Scriptures. If anything in the Word seems to contradict my experience or what I feel, then we must ignore or re-interpret the Scripture. This approach actually keeps the Word of God at a distance from contacting the heart. And this is not OK.

Jesus came to reveal the heart of man and the heart of the Father. He desires a people that will love Him with all of their heart. In order for us to do this, we must change our thinking, living, and approach by knowing our true identity. This means aligning our thoughts and affections toward who we really are in Jesus. Paul has taught us that we no longer live, but Christ within us; our lives are hidden in Christ. Jesus now must be the only thing that defines and determines who we are, no other labels will stand.
Because of this, my experience no longer can define me. So, though I still experience same sex attraction, I don’t label myself as a “gay” Christian. I view my sexual attraction as a distorted one from God’s created original intent. I take the focus off of my struggles and temptations; I must look to Jesus. Because I know that when He returns, I will be made perfect, as He is perfect. And I know that He will put away with every effect sin has reigned in on our human bodies, souls, minds, and hearts.  When I approach the Word of God, I allow it and welcome it to critique my heart, feelings, thoughts, and choices(my experience). I allow my new identity in Christ to be a different lens in which I view my experiences and desires through. This kind of reversal is one that we all need to walk more and more in- walking by faith at times by what I don’t see yet manifest.
St. Augustine wrote:
“All ask what they wish, but do not always hear the answer that they wish.
That man is Your best servant who is not so much concerned to hear from You what he wills as to will what he hears from You.”

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