Something to Learn From the LGBT Community

“One of the worst things about unwanted homosexual desire, I think, is probably not the sex you can’t have now that you’re a Christian, I think it’s the loneliness that you experience because the churches’ model of community is based on family. Even though we’re told that the nuclear family does not survive to the new heaven and the new earth; what survives is our brotherhood and our sisterhood in Christ. “                                                 Rosaria Butterfield

Community. It’s something that we all long for and want for our lives, yet something that we seem to not understand as a Church how to do well. I think there is something to be said about the way the LGBT do community. I admit that I haven’t had much interaction with the LGBT community but what little I have had, this is what I noticed: they make themselves available in a second and are consistent in building it.

One person said this about the LGBT community: When I was in the gay and lesbian community, somebody’s house was open every night. Every night you would know where to go for fellowship, food, and conversation, and just so you wouldn’t want to kill yourself. You know what I mean?

So no wonder that it’s difficult to get people from the LGBT community into the Church. But even once saved, the drastic change of community makes things almost impossible to sustain for some. I think we could learn something from the LGBT Community in this regard. Maybe as a Church, we could move beyond appointments and scheduled monthly fellowships onto doing life with one another? Community occurs ideally in homes when we gather together, out of the understanding that by Christ we are family. Hospitality is doing life together and doing it in the rhythm of life. We need to accept all just where they are and not feel the need to make someone a project to correct and fix them. This doesn’t mean we approve of all they do however. Real community allows for you to bring your strengths and weaknesses to the table.

“Unless we can be real community, I wonder what kind of business we have sharing the gospel. Because union with Christ and communion with the saints go together. After Pentecost, the believers gave themselves to fellowship, it was vital and the gospel traveled on the veins of it. One of our problems is that we don’t like to follow through with the gospel which is we are family. My home is your home, my thanksgiving table is your thanksgiving table, which means I need to know when your plane lands and you’re safe. We need to be in the rhythm of life with one another. Mark 10:28-30 says that no matter what you’re struggling with, your fears of what it means to be family…you will not be lonely. A defense of marriage doesn’t become an idolatry of marriage. It doesn’t mean that single people in the church need to be fixed or fixed up. Until the church can make good on these things, I worry about her ability to share the gospel with integrity. We have an image problem because we have an integrity problem.”    Rosaria Butterfield

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