The Power of Being Known

It’s something that we all long for – being known intimately and without shame. In the Church, our message has been that the act of homosexuality is sin and therefore hated by God(which is true). But, do we also show that we still accept, love, and want to actually know those that consider themselves part of the LGBT community? Are we building friendships? I think that at large because we haven’t shown this to the LGBT community, we have even possibly become a stumbling block to the gay man that needs to know the heart of a loving Father. If the Church(aka followers of God) doesn’t display relationally that they want to get to know the LGBT community, why would they believe that that same God wants to know them?

In light of this, it makes sense that many turn NOT to the church but to the world for a sense of community and acceptance. There they find individuals that are caring, hospitable, safe and trusting. They easily find many that instantly become an integral part of their lives. We need a loving church to rise that will openly receive and draw the unknown hearts in. Who will take the time to do this?

If we did this, can you imagine what would then take place? Think about it. Jesus came to make known His Father. We should be doing the same thing! There is a battle for the heart: where there isn’t a witness of the Everlasting Father being revealed to a heart…that only gives the enemy, the “father” of lies, room to then access that heart. I’ll let you decide which side you think is winning today.

So let’s demonstrate a father that is gracious, rich in love, slow to anger, compassionate, and good to all around us…even to people that identify as such in the LGBT Community. As we do our part, I believe God will do His. Just as they deserve to be known, the Father desires for them to know His heart. That is the power of being known!


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