Love Has Won!

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage throughout our nation, many posted and shouted the phrase “Love Wins!” I want to challenge that thought because it isn’t based on the truest definition of love. No, love truly won 2000 years ago when it was displayed on a cross by a man, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is THE TRUTH. Anything then outside of Him isn’t truth. With this truth as the lens, we can look at what love really is.

“God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God and God abides in him”.                 1 John 4:16

Love then isn’t love if God isn’t included in the equation. Also, Jesus said that the greatest of love is displayed when a person chooses to lay down their own life, desires, wants, comfort, etc for the sake of another. Jesus ultimately showed this when He willingly died as the sacrifice for all of us.

Love is more than…

Real love isn’t based on a feeling. Because emotions are very fickle; they come and go frequently. Real love is based on more than being drawn to or attracted to a person. Real love endures all things, especially when you don’t feel the warm and fuzzies. Real love chooses to obey and stand faithful in hard times. Real love is a choice, even when it is made in the midst of contrary feelings and desires in a moment’s time.

My heart has been conquered by this love. So I get to now show my love by what I choose. The question then daily is this: Do I allow love to win today? Am I putting love toward God first in my life today? When my flesh rages, do I let love win or the flesh? Will I let love win toward God when I want to entertain a lustful thought? Choosing to refrain from any sexual activity with any gender since I’m not married is letting love win. Ultimately for me, choosing to uphold God’s definition of marriage and holiness though I experience on-going attractions for the same gender is my statement of love. With this, I declare Love Wins.


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