My Response to the Supreme Court’s Ruling

I had a friend text me, asking me my thoughts on the ruling. At first when I heard the news about the ruling, I honestly wasn’t surprised. Since in the Garden, this world has increasingly slipped further and further away from God’s original desire and eternal intent concerning marriage and many other things. I don’t believe marriage between the same gender is God’s best for any individual(nor was divorce in God’s heart from the beginning either). Heck, sometimes marriage between opposite genders isn’t the best scenario even!


What matters is our response. Am I going to speak hatefully toward those in favor of this? No. Am I going to curse our government for passing this? No. Am I going to celebrate this ruling? No. Are we sending hateful messages to the LGBT community by our response? If so, how is that going to represent to them the heart of Jesus ultimately? What do we do now?

I believe our response must be prayer and showing love. Our fight should never be against people as Christians. There is a real war raging for hearts and souls. We need to all humble ourselves first, asking God to search our own hearts to see what we need to repent of instead of trying to condemn another for their sin. Many in the LGBT community have been misunderstood, hurt, rejected, and abused from people in the church who have only done just that. This must change! Instead of focusing on the outward appearance, let’s see the heart need for an intimate growing relationship with Jesus. Let’s learn to love, even when there are differences of opinions and values. Let’s welcome others into our lives, to see these offenses mended and healed. And after years of trusted friendship built, maybe, just maybe THEN, a heart might begin to be open to hear about who Jesus is. On both sides, we must mature to have civil conversations and dialogue, though it might be tense. And in the meantime, let’s spend time praying for the LGBT community, asking God what He thinks, feels, and how much His heart wants them to know Him. This must be my response above all.

I will pray for wisdom for our government and bless our leaders. I will pray for revelation for those in the LGBT community to know who God truly is. I will pray for the truest definition of love to be revealed more and more to all. I will ask God to open opportunities for me to build friendships with the LGBT community to show that there are Christians who can demonstrate kindness and love rather than hate. I will continue to ask for a movement of repentance to sweep across America that will touch all people in every walk of life concerning all matters of sin so healing can arise in our land. This will be my response. Pray and Love.


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