What are you saying? Who is listening? What are you doing?

Recently, twice I’ve been in a group setting in which comments were made concerning transgender people. Both these scenarios really opened my eyes that we really need to WATCH OUR WORDS. We never know who is listening to our conversations and watching how we might respond in situations. Though I’ve never experienced what a transgendered person has, I do know what its like to be present while others are making gay jokes and/or judging the appearances of more flamboyant males they see. I’ve heard how people respond to celebrities as they announce they are coming out.


Because of my own journey, when something like this has occurred, it instantly communicates that this person isn’t safe or to be trusted to me. With just one comment, that’s all it takes. Our words have the power of life and death. Thankfully, I have learned to be more forgiving in these situations and to even initiate conversation about things that have been said for clarity. It can be a chance to instruct another to speak with more grace and compassion.

Jesus came to dwell among us, even though He is God, He became like us, and He is able to sympathize with our weaknesses because of this. Many times, He looked at the crowds and was moved by compassion because He saw beyond outward appearances and behaviors and was able to see the heart of the matter, see them as sheep straying from the Father. His love compelled Him to action, to teaching, to prayer, and to the cross.

So I wonder what would change in our speech and actions if we built active friendships(for the sake of friendship, not a project or attempt to fix someone)with ones in the LGBT community? What does it look like to “dwell amongst” this community specifically for you? How might our hearts then break and tears be wept in prayer for these new friends as Jesus did? We just might be able to then grow to build that safe place where love is shown that holds to truth. Instead of using words to add to the problem, let’s be a part of the solution! We are to be salt and light but how can there be change unless the church prays and has contact with the very people that need Him?


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