Beyond Sex and Blood

Adoption. This is a vital part of our Christian faith. God, the Father predestined and made a way for each of us to be adopted into His Beloved family through Jesus. If this is that important to our Creator, shouldn’t it be to us, His children, as well?

In John 15:13, Jesus calls us to lay down our lives for those that we aren’t related to or having sex with.

In James 1:27, pure religion is taking care of the needs of orphans and widows.

What do these two groups of people have in common? They are single, they don’t belong to anyone, they have no family.

Homosexuality is in part a “search for parenting, seeking to fulfill a normal attachment love-need which was left unmet” from their same-gender growing up(Elizabeth Moberly). In some ways, those in the LGBT community have literally been completely disowned by their own families. In other ways, they have become orphaned from the internal sense of belonging within their own gender.

We must broaden our perspective to see beyond sex and blood and to take seriously this call to love and care for these, to walk with them even if they are adults. I guarantee that they have a longing to call someone “home” still. What healing and joy would result if the Church practically displayed love through all manners of adoption?


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