But isn’t heterosexuality what God blessed and commanded from the beginning? Well, yes. But just because you experience sexual desire toward the opposite gender, it doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Sexual immorality covers ANYTHING outside of the bounds of covenantal adult marriage between a man and woman.

    It’s easy these days to get on a soapbox and hatefully blast a blanket statement that homosexuality is a sin. But what about heterosexuality? I think we’ve allowed homosexuality in ways to be a distraction and excuse to not look at things that are staring us in the face….like adultery, pornography, lust, divorce, immorality, etc. What about how we’ve made it such an idol of false perfection, success, and happiness? Because when you look at things with an eternal perspective, it’s clear that there will be no human marriage in heaven nor sex.

Culture tells us that our sexuality IS our identity. We (even within the Church unfortunately) have come to believe our sexuality is who we are. This is where we begin to get into trouble. If we have become a Christ-follower, we must not continue to walk in this mindset. We need to think differently about ourselves and our sexuality. Everyone who becomes a Christian is called to submit every desire and all identities to Jesus. In Luke 9:23, Jesus states that we are to deny ourselves entirely to follow Him.

    Whether you consider yourself to be heterosexual, homosexual, transexual, or bisexual if you are defining yourself by these then you aren’t following Christ’s example. Our identity is supposed to be rooted in Christ alone, not our broken desires to have sex with the same or opposite gender. Yes our sexual orientation can be something that helps describe us, but NOT define us. Our identity is in Christ and that He calls us to be holy. So no one has an excuse to allow any desires, sexual or not, to dictate our lives anymore. We must surrender all to Him. So yes, if you find your identity in being heterosexual…well, that’s a sin.



2 thoughts on “HETEROSEXUALITY is a SIN

    1. I don’t disagree with your definition. The question I ask is what is true though? Because it comes down to what an individual bases their truth on–which can become a wide variety of things.

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