Born Gay–yes or no?


Upon trying to answer this question, it’s very easy to debate things from either side. So, instead of answering it head-on, I want to address more important matters. Let’s see what the Bible reveals about all of this:

-God is involved and knows us before our birth- Psalm 139 speaks of how God is intimately acquainted with us. He formed us in the womb and we are all wonderfully made.

-God’s design for humans is good- Genesis 1 and 2 shows His delight and joy in mankind. We are made in God’s likeness.

-Because of sin, we have fallen from this perfect design- Romans tells of how we all are born into the bondage of sin. We dwell in sinful flesh.

-Jesus provided means for a rebirth- John 3 talks about this new birth. Jesus came to level the playing field so that ALL can be saved. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done, what you’ve been born into or where your own decisions have led you. All can be transformed in every facet of your being(soul, body, and spirit)…so we have no excuse. There is a new and living way for all who come to Jesus.

God is going to redeem completely how we experience things today to remove all effects of sin to this world. Things will not always be the way they are, as we know it. So there is hope and joy in the Faithful One who is coming. No matter how one is born, the real important thing to ask yourself is…have I been born again?

Have you?


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