What’s Better Than Sex?

This is a valid question because today sex is regarded as the greatest money making industry. It sells. And it is a great influencer in many arenas. Whether or not you have an answer to this question, there still is a greater question: what do we follow?

When any issue, thought, or feeling arises in our lives, we must first submit it to God and the Word before assuming that it’s right. As a generation, we tend to base our lives off of our feelings way too much! When it comes to sexuality, what do we follow?

Instead of trying to make our desires and attractions fit into the Word, we must make the Word first before them. Our identity and behavior must line up with our values and the truth of the Word. Loving and worshipping God on HIS terms is most important. There is never a good enough reason to compromise what the Word says, not even concerning what someone believes and feels on the spectrum of attractions and orientation.

The question to ask is to whom do we really belong to?

Do I follow what I believe and feel MORE than God? The Word says that I am His own possession. To me, this means that I am no longer my own. I have died and now Christ lives within me. So I seek to listen and obey all that He says, instead of what I say. In the moment, this may seem too hard to complete longterm. Or we may minimize the necessity to allow our dedication to God influence this area of our lives. Whatever may be the reason, Jesus is still worthy.

He alone deserves to be honored in and exalted above everything…of every moment….of everyday… Jesus said that there will be a people that love with with ALL their heart, soul, mind, and strength. He will have a people completely holy and spotless before Him. Let’s be the generation that practically walks this out in every area of our lives, including our sexuality. It’s worth it!



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