Come HERE to experience pleasure

Let’s be honest, we are all looking for pleasure. And we all seem to be able to find it one way or another in our lives. You know that one addiction, one substance, one relationship, one sport, one website, one type of icecream?  When we find it, it only lasts for a moment. So we then look for a greater fix, a longer high. But it all eventually gives way to a crash, a low, a vast let down.

Here, in this place, I’m face to face with what I truly believe. Do I really believe scripture to be true concerning God? Do I really believe that at God’s right hand(enjoying an intimate friendship with God and with God’s people) are pleasures forevermore? Do I believe Him to be the source of real abundant life? What about His love being better than life itself?

what do I believe?

I believe that every time I’ve turned to God to be satisfied, I’ve never left disappointed. But I have to do my part to seek Him diligently and cut out unnecessary distractions that I may be seeking alternative pleasure with. The things of the world sustain my flesh, but the things of God sustain my heart. So choosing to be in His presence is the only thing that can bring me true joy deep within me. In God, I can experience the love that I crave freely and frequently. This is what keeps me. My relationship with this Man strengthens me to endure through any attraction or temptation so that I can stay forever on the righteous path.


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