Returning a generation to their original standard one conversation at a time

To Tune: Adjust for precise functioning, bring to a certain standard

Give any musical instrument time and it will go out of tune. The solution is to retune it. Likewise, as months and years go by, this world slips further and further away from it’s original purpose. One complex area that seems to get a lot of airtime today is sexuality. I hope to bring some retuning to areas of thought and belief as I write and share. I pray we will have ears to hear this sound and discern rightly between wisdom and folly.


I desire to see a generation of young people raised up not listening to what popular opinions or culture says, but rather to what Truth says. I have spent years wrestling through my own feelings, beliefs, and identity concerning sexuality. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but conversations need to be had and the cycle of shame and silence stopped. Let’s start a conversation!